Coaching is a very rewarding exercise and experience; it should have a place in all aspects of your business. But rather than seeing it as a problem fixer, it should be viewed as an opportunity to release the potential of both the person being coached and of the organisation as whole.

Whilst you have been busy developing your services or goods, or marketing and sales, you may have allocated less of your resources to the buying side of your business and now it needs bringing under control. We know of businesses going out of business just because they didn’t know their margins and were actually operating at a loss.

It may not always be cost effective to send all of your procurement team on one of our courses. There are times when targeted individual coaching can address your issues more efficiently, providing better value.

Before we start coaching we jointly set out expectations with you and your organisation, beginning with a series of questions and reflections to achieve success in the areas you choose.

With a mixture of personal face-to-face mentoring and online support we focus in on what you need help with, rather than generic training matching the right level of support within your budget for maximum financial return.

We understand that there are times when you could use a helping hand for specific tasks. We will sit alongside you with a short term task or project and work with you to complete the job, at the same time teaching you the necessary skills to work independently in the future.

Don’t go out of business because you don’t know your spend and are not selling at a profit

For example you may be wondering what your spend is, we can show you how to accurately determine this and how you can then use the information, so in the future you are in control. Increased sales can only improve profits if there is a margin, buying well can always increase your margins.

Our coaching can teach you how to buy well and maximise your organisation’s operating profit.

Don’t leave value on the table during your procurement negotiations

Our coaching will help you prepare for a tricky negotiation, we can help you with this and see you through the whole process from preparation to signing the contract, at the same time explaining our methods and giving you the confidence and skills to carry out the negotiation yourself.

Don’t allow your suppliers to let you down

Suppliers should be your greatest asset but just like departments in your own company they need to be managed. Our coaching will show you how to get your contracts under control step-by-step and help you plan which suppliers you need to spend time with and how to manage your suppliers more efficiently to show real benefits.

Don’t lose those precious bids

If you are having difficulty with bid writing and proving your competitiveness in the tender process and would welcome some guidelines or a critical friend to show you how to improve your chances, we can help. We know how bids are evaluated and what buyers are looking for so can help you make sure you have responded fully and clearly, maximising the chance of winning important tender opportunities.

Don’t buy something you didn’t really need

Perhaps you need to write an Invitation to Tender or a Specification but are not sure how? With our coaching we will work alongside you to tease out the needs from the wants so you get what you want at the right price and on time.

Don’t let your organisation under value procurement

Procurement often has a bad image in a company, “they get in the way, slow things down”. We can help you develop a communications plan and work out how to get colleagues to recognise the real value procurement can bring to your organisation.

Don’t just say you add value through procurement – prove it

Are you wondering how well you are doing in procurement? We can give you the tools to check your performance and how to get your successes acknowledged by finance and others. Only by monitoring and reporting the effectiveness of your procurement activities can you prove the importance of its place within your organisation and how it can improve profitability.

Try our procurement and negotiation coaching to see improvement to your bottom line

Contact us today to discuss how our procurement and negotiation coaching can benefit your organisation and staff. Call +44 (0)1905 423774 or email for a non committal discussion and find out more about our methods and examples of how we have improved profitability for similar businesses.