Do’s and Don’ts for Presentations

Do’s and Don’ts for Presentations

Do – understand your audience – make sure you are giving information at the appropriate level.

Don’t – assume your audience knows as much about the subject as you – remember they are there to learn something new.

Do – structure your presentation clearly – see  ‘Sorting out your Message’.

Don’t – include any new information or ideas in your conclusion.

Do – check in advance that all the facilities you need are available – have a plan B just in case.

Don’t – waste your audience’s time by fiddling with equipment – all such preparation should be done before they arrive.

Do – put energy into your presentation – if you are not enthusiastic how can you expect your audience to be?

Don’t – rush your presentation – give your audience time to assimilate the information.

Do – use the correct tone for your message – any mismatch and people will focus on your body language and not on what you say.

Don’t  – give an urgent message in a laid back manner, or a reassuring message in an aggressive tone.