Choosing the right e-supplier

 The art of choosing the right e-supplier

Summary of our workshops at eWorld March 2019

Session description – Part 1

The challenge

Now, more than at any time in the past, the choice of e-tools is huge. But, how do you make sure that you choose the right one for our organisation? The market is crowded with players large and small. You only have to look around at eWorld!

In this session, Counterpoint’s directors, Steve Mallaband and Ros Howard, will take you through the best approach. They will start by asking you to close your eyes and to imagine just what success would look like and then ask you to put pen to paper to capture that vision. What is your challenge? What problem are you trying solve? And how will you measure success? Steve and Ros will use their version of the procurement lifecycle to guide the discussion and to focus energy into coming up with a good definition of what you really want to buy, as distinct from what the suppliers would really like to sell to you.

Session description – Part 2

The response

All too often e-tools are a solution looking for a problem, but by focusing on your real needs, by knowing the market and by knowing the suppliers within it, you can make a well-informed choice of tool and of supplier.

Steve and Ros will give you a pictorial overview of the market and there will be a chance to critically review the offerings of the suppliers exhibiting at eWorld. An interactive discussion will follow, looking at the right supplier selection process to use. Don’t forget though that at the selection stage suppliers are merely promising you a result – and promises are often there to be broken. You will need to implement your chosen e-tool with care to unleash the value it contains.

Below are the worksheets used in the workshops

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Exhibiting at eWorld, March 2019

Amazon Business – “See it there. Buy it here. Now there’s an Amazon for business”

Marketplace – Moving into e-sourcing?

Amdaris“We are Amdaris. We fuse together exceptional talent, who deliver outstanding software through our established processes”

Software development.

AnyData“Unleash the full potential of your contracts and data”

Contract Management and Spend Analytics – Not just for procurement applications. Includes GDPR/compliance and other analytics.

Company Watch (financial analytics) – “Hindsight in advance. We predict the future financial health of companies with remarkable accuracy”

Financial risk management.

EEMA“Europe’s leading independent not-for-profit Think Tank”

Was European Electronic Messaging Association – membership organisation focusing on identification, authentication, privacy, risk management, cyber security, the internet of things, artificial intelligence and mobile applications.

GEP“Global leader in digital procurement & supply chain solutions”

Comprehensive solution (via their “SMART” platform). Also provides procurement strategy consultancy, software and managed services.

Ivalua“The procurement empowerment platform. Realize the possibilities”

Comprehensive solution.

LIGHTest“Lightweight Infrastructure for Global Heterogeneous Trust management in support of an open Ecosystem of Stakeholders and Trust schemes”

Global lightweight trusted infrastructure for evaluation of electronic transactions.

Market Dojo“Join the Market Dojo Evolution. Discover our Enterprise offering that consists of integrated procurement solutions to enable you to get the most out of your procurement activities”

Sourcing – Also includes category management, innovation and supplier onboarding modules. Started as “on-demand” modules, particularly for e-auctions. Now moving to enterprise solutions via connectivity with third parties.

Mercateo“The procurement platform for your business”


Mercato“Four Platforms – One Clear Choice. Choose the technology that drives your business forward”

Four platforms – KnowledgeKube, Progora, PreSalesAdvisor, KnowledgeBus. Progora is a marketplace and Knowledgebus does IT price benchmarking.

NovoK“Gain Clarity, Take Control and Save Money. We believe that innovation is the future of procurement and our mission is to give our clients clarity for them to take control and save money”

Procurement process support, training and services (charity background).

Proactis“Rethink Commerce. Spend management and B2B eCommerce solutions for faster, leaner, smarter organisations”

Comprehensive solution – Started with spend management and P2P, moved to more comprehensive set of modules including a network/marketplace. Also owns public sector portals (Due-north, ProContract).

Probrand“Hassle free IT procurement. Discover a ground-breaking digital marketplace for IT products, managed services and solutions”

Marketplace – IT products and services.

SAP Ariba“Achieve digital transformation from source to pay. With SAP Ariba e-procurement and supply chain cloud solutions that are always on and easy to deploy, both large and midsize companies can realize fast time to value”

Comprehensive solution including large marketplace. Linked to SAP.

Scanmarket“Embrace simplicity in the world’s most user-friendly strategic sourcing platform. We drive real business results through an easy-to-use platform, unparalleled technology, and world-class customer service”

Sourcing, contract management, spend analysis – Set of “easy-to-use” modules across lifecycle, no P2P but does include supply base management.

Sievo“Procurement Analytics Powered by AI”

Spend analysis (“powered by AI”) – moving into contract management.

SourceDogg“Leading Master Data and Supply Chain Software Provider Committed to Offering the Easiest-to-use Software Experience Globally”

Sourcing and Contract Management – Also includes supply base management and “spot buying” via catalogues or quick quotes.

Sourceit“Finally a sourcing app that brings it all together”

Sourcing – Simple, pay-as-you go RFQ generator.

Spend Matters UK/Europe“Solution Intelligence for Procurement”

Intelligence service about all things procurement. Includes Solution Maps. Some paid content.

Tradeshift“Reimagine procure-to-pay. Get your supply chain connected to the future with digital marketplaces, payments and apps”

P2P and marketplace.

Tungsten Network“The world’s largest compliant business transaction network”

P2P – E-invoicing, orders, early payment solutions etc.

Wax Digital“Reaching new heights together. Try a customer focused approach to eProcurement”

Comprehensive solution.

Solution Maps and Magic Quadrants


The Supplier Selection Process


  1. Does this process work for buying e-procurement solutions?
  1. What’s different about buying e-procurement solutions – what do you need to take into account?
  1. Who should be involved in the buying process – procurement, users, finance, CIO office? And what are their roles?