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  • Building Excellence in Commercial Negotiation

    Building Excellence in Commercial Negotiation

    by Stephen Mallaband, Ros Howard

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  • Building Excellence in Strategic Procurement Management

    Building Excellence in Strategic Procurement Management

    by Stephen Mallaband, Ros Howard

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Choosing the right e-supplier

 The art of choosing the right e-supplier Summary of our workshops at eWorld March 2019 Session description – Part 1 The challenge Now, more than at any time in the past, the choice of e-tools is huge. But, how do …Read more»

When is a good not a good?

You may think it obvious what goods are and most of the time it is. However, maybe now is the time to think hard about the distinction between goods and services. The latest UK government white paper – The Future …Read more»

What you need to know about negotiation

  “In business as in life – you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate” – Chester Karrass. Negotiation is a tool. Just as a hammer is useful for driving in nails, but not for driving golf …Read more»

Glossary of Procurement Terms

Accounts Payable (or Purchase Ledger) The money owed by a business to its suppliers shown as a liability on a company’s balance sheet. Annual Cost of Purchasing Function The total yearly cost of running a purchasing function. This includes salaries, …Read more»

Panic! Yes! No! or Trade?

How to avoid the last-minute nibble and get a better deal Very often, towards the end of a negotiation, a buyer will ask for a concession: a price reduction of say 5%. In our experience, the salesperson will often say …Read more»

All prices are fictitious!

All prices are fictitious is a helpful way of looking at the role of price in negotiation. Prices are fictitious because they represent positions and not interests. When a price is first named it should be simply viewed for what …Read more»

Gathering Requirements

There are times when you are asked to help your internal customers buy something but they have only the vaguest of ideas of how to define it! In this case you will need to help them draw up a specification …Read more»

Sorting out your Message

Whether you are capturing requirements, writing a specification, giving a presentation or drawing up a contract, it is important to structure your thoughts so that your target audience easily understands them. Key to this is grouping: Try and divide what …Read more»

Making Savings

Here are some thoughts to help you make savings When buying goods or services, savings can be made either by reducing cost or by reducing demand. Manage both of these! The traditional way to think of reducing cost is in …Read more»

Procurement Excellence

Here are 20 things you can do to start building Procurement Excellence: Make sure you know how much money you are spending – and what you are spending it on. Do not buy things you do not need – concentrate …Read more»

Do’s and Don’ts for Presentations

Do – understand your audience – make sure you are giving information at the appropriate level. Don’t – assume your audience knows as much about the subject as you – remember they are there to learn something new. Do – structure your presentation …Read more»