Advanced Certificate in Strategic Procurement, Dubai (Sunday 12th  -  Thursday 16th November 2017)

Having had great fun rolling out this course in Kigali, Rwanda last year we are delighted to be delivering it again, in Dubai in conjunction with Innoverto and BMTG. The course has Qualifi certification, lasts 5 days and ends with an open note exam, for which anyone gaining 70% or more will be awarded a certificate, more than 80% and you get a merit but to gain a distinction you need at least 98%! The enthusiasm with which the delegates launched themselves in to the exercises will stay in our memories for a long time. We have high hopes that our next group will have equal enthusiasm. To sign up follow the link to Innoverto. It was after this last course that we had the fantastic experience of seeing the silver back gorillas in the wild. This time we’ll have to content ourselves with the penguins in the Mall of the Emirates.