Negotiation transformation programme

Revolutionise the way you and your organisation carry out negotiations with this behavioural transformation programme. A mixture of training, consultancy and coaching spread over eight weeks that will lead to significantly improved performance in a tough commercial world.

Who should attend?

This programme is designed for buyers and salesperople who wish to dramatically improve the way they conduct negotiations.

The programme can be tailored to suit a group of participants from a single organisation wishing to achieve transformation of its negotiation performance to world-class standard. Alternatively it is run as a stand-alone programme open to individuals from different organisations who come together and share their experience.

Programme structure

The programme consists of four intensive master-class days interspersed with coaching dedicated to changing behaviours and achieving breakthrough results. Overall, the emphasis is on group learning, improving soft skills and targeted improvement. Each master-class is highly interactive, with role play, a variety of exercises and plenty of individual feedback. The coaching is based on each participant’s individual needs and the support is dedicated to solving real-life problems within the context of the behavioural change programme.

The programme

  • Day 1: The art of negotiation – a deep dive into negotiation, from preparation to implementing the deal – focusing on the negotiation process and where the biggest difference to performance can be made.
  • Day 2: What kind of negotiator am I, and who will I meet across the negotiation table? – an exploration of personality, culture, behaviour and negotiating style.
  • Four weeks of remote coaching – based on real in-workplace challenges. There will be access to an online collaboration platform and unlimited individual email and telephone support.
  • Day 3: The psychology of negotiation – power play, fairness, game theory and how to deal with tricks and traps.
  • Further four weeks of remote coaching – as above.
  • Day 4: Intensive workshop on common issues followed by review and consolidation of learning plans.


At the end of the course participants will have:

  • A deep understanding of what makes excellence in negotiation
  • The hard and soft skills necessary to put this into practice
  • Changed their behaviours, particularly with respect to preparation, confidence and the ability to see things from the other party’s point of view