Counterpoint Courses

What you can expect from our courses

Counterpoint work as a team bringing a wealth of experience to procurement and negotiation training. We write the courses ourselves and deliver them in an interesting and engaging manner, leading to very effective learning.

You can choose from a wide range of courses on offer, or ask us to tailor courses to meet your requirements and provide something specifically for you. All courses are given in English, and if you are a non-native English speaker you will find us sympathetic to your needs. You will find our approach is hands-on, as effective learning requires not only a sound theoretical base but also considerable practice.

At the start of each course you will learn a simple excellence model, which can successfully be used over and over again in practice. Then you will participate in a range of practical exercises such as case-studies, role-play and brainstorming, giving you plenty of opportunities for speaking, writing and presenting. All these exercises are facilitated, and you will get personal feedback. In some instances video recording is used to enable you to see yourself in action.

Who should attend?

If you are involved in the procurement process or a salesperson who needs to know what procurement departments are looking for, then you will find many of our courses are designed to cover topics that will improve your effectiveness. If you are a procurement specialist then you will find the more advanced courses challenging and rewarding. Just come along with an open-mind and a willingness to join in. Experience the fun in learning as well as the hard work!


We bring the course to you and ask you to provide a good learning environment at the location of your choice.

We charge by the course and not by the number of participants and we suggest there are ideally a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 15 people.

We encourage you to mix the people on the course as we find this networking opportunity can be valuable for your organisation.

Prices are calculated on a day-rate basis (plus VAT) and include full course materials for each participant. Travel and expenses will be charged extra at cost.

Want to find out more?


Anti-corruption in procurement - 2 days

Corruption corrodes the fabric of society. It undermines people’s trust in political and economic systems, institutions and leaders. It can cost people their freedom, health, money – and sometimes their lives. Procurement is a complicated and sometimes opaque process, through …Read more»

Commercial awareness - 2 days

The commercial world can be daunting for those not used to it, and this course has been specifically designed to equip participants with the skills, perspectives and tools to deal comfortably with the complexities of commercial life. Who should attend? …Read more»

Contract management - 2 days

Suppliers can be some of your organisation’s best assets if you know how to manage them well. Well managed contracts executed with well managed suppliers can transform the performance of an organisation from one where suppliers are regarded as a …Read more»

Managing suppliers - 2 days

Learn how to manage your suppliers efficiently by completing this course. By the end your staff will have learnt how managing suppliers well results in reducing costs, improving quality and avoiding problems. Topics include not only how to cultivate the relationship …Read more»

The mind of the buyer - 1 day

Improve your selling skills by understanding the mind of the buyer. This course explains what buyers are looking for in pitches or proposals, shows how to avoid giving away your margin in negotiations and emphasises the need for the right …Read more»

Working together – group dynamics - 1 day

Explores the challenges that are faced by people trying to work effectively together. This course is based on psychological insights, provides a chance to understand other points of view and shows how there can be alternative ways of achieving a …Read more»

Let’s go shopping - 1 day

The basics of procurement and how to buy things well. The procurement process is covered from start to finish and illustrated via a variety of practical exercises. Who should attend? This course is designed for those who have to buy …Read more»

Getting your message across - 2 days

The basics of good written and spoken communication. There will be practice in a variety of scenarios, including the chance to obtain personal feedback as you observe yourself videoed in action. Who should attend? This course is designed for native …Read more»

Try our courses to see improvement to your bottom line

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