Counterpoint Consultancy

Counterpoint provides highly-targeted consultancy in the areas of procurement and negotiation. Our unique combination of hard and soft skills enables us to quickly understand the facts and issues and provide you with solutions that will work most effectively within your organisation. We draw up specific terms of reference for each assignment – carefully defining the deliverables and measuring success via mutually agreed KPIs.

If you’re buying, suppliers need to be your assets not your headaches. We will show you how you can save time and money and have suppliers that will go the extra mile for you.

If you’re supplying, a good buyer will be your best ally. We will show you how to work with them to make sure time and money are not wasted on misaligned expectations.

If you’re negotiating, you need to find a solution that both parties can live with. We will show you how to avoid leaving value on the table.

Spend Analysis

A thorough understanding of just how much an organisation spends on the goods and services it purchases is a key starting point for procurement success. Using our own spreadsheet-based tools, we will carry out a spend analysis and share the …Read more»

Procurement Maturity Assessment

Procurement can develop haphazardly within an organisation, in a manner that does not embody best practice. Using our proprietary tool Transform©, we will carry out a procurement maturity assessment for you, benchmarking your current structure, processes and capabilities against best …Read more»

Procurement Transformation

We can help you transform procurement within your organisation and create value from your supply base that you did not know was possible. We start with a spend analysis and maturity assessment, and then sit down with you to create …Read more»

Category Management

Category Management is a technique for dividing the main areas of spend of an organisation into manageable chunks known as categories and then managing each category to ensure that maximum value is achieved. Key to success is the careful choice …Read more»

Negotiation Support

Whether you are buying or selling, success in negotiation is key to getting maximum value from your contractual relationships. Complex negotiations take time, effort and detailed preparation, and are best carried out by experienced negotiators. We will provide the expert …Read more»

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic sourcing is all about choosing the right suppliers for your organisation in the right way. When carried out well it delivers significant value. We can help with process design, or intervene at any part of the process. For example, …Read more»

Contract Management

Once you have selected a supplier and written a contract, it is vital that you manage the contract in the right way. We can help with process design or intervene to draw up performance criteria based on SMART KPIs. We …Read more»

Supplier Management

Not all suppliers are equal in the way they can contribute to the success of an organisation, and our work will usually start with a segmentation of your supplier base to reflect this. We will help you identify your strategic …Read more»

P2P (Procurement to Pay)

In many organisations, the whole process from requisitioning goods and services, through obtaining financial approval, raising purchase orders, confirming receipt, booking invoices to paying the supplier does not work well. There are delays; suppliers do not get paid on time; …Read more»

Savings and Value

Like it or not, the success of procurement in many organisations is still measured in terms of savings. Increasingly, however, procurement is being viewed as a means of creating value from the supply base. Using our value levers tool we …Read more»

Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable procurement is a key component of corporate social responsibility. It is an attitude of mind that ensures that goods and services are bought in a responsible way that has a positive impact on the people involved and on the …Read more»

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