We founded Counterpoint in 2013 and are based in Worcester in central England, perfectly placed to access all UK and international clients.

Steve has a long career in buying and purchasing management behind him whilst Ros is an educator and communications coach. We work together to deliver a mix of subject expertise, practical experience and the soft-skills needed to change organisations in the pursuit of excellence in procurement and commercial negotiation.

We offer three routes to building this excellence:

  • Training courses;
  • Targeted consultancy; and
  • On-the-job coaching.

Although we do run hosted standard training courses, most of our training takes place at our clients’ sites and is highly customised to their needs.

Our consultancy is tightly defined and highly targeted – we work with you on the things you cannot do well at the moment, allowing you to turn weaknesses into strengths. Then we can coach you to do these things well in the future – a great investment which pays for itself many times over.

Our Mission

Counterpoint is a business dedicated to making sure you get maximum value for your money by providing consultancy and training to organisations around the world in the areas of procurement and commercial negotiation.

If you’re buying, suppliers need to be your assets not your headaches. We will show you how you can save time, money and have suppliers that will go the extra mile for you.

If you’re supplying, a good buyer will be your best ally. We will show you how to work with buyers to make sure time and money are not wasted on misaligned expectations.

If you’re negotiating, you need to find a solution that both parties are happy with. We will show you how to avoid leaving value on the table.

We help you achieve these goals by teaching best practice while at the same time improving soft skills; by providing highly targeted hands-on consultancy; and by coaching your staff to do it themselves in the future.

By employing us your organisation benefits from:

  • Staff who have the necessary communication skills to express needs clearly and concisely, who negotiate well and write effective contracts.
  • Procurement practised professionally, so that goods/services are bought at the right price, at the right time and at the right level of quality.
  • Time and money not being wasted in fruitless negotiations, endless misunderstandings and problems with suppliers.
  • All stakeholders feeling the benefit of excellence in procurement and negotiation through measurable additional value and return on investment.