Negotiation Support

Whether you are buying or selling, success in negotiation is key to getting maximum value from your contractual relationships. Complex negotiations take time, effort and detailed preparation, and are best carried out by experienced negotiators. We will provide the expert support necessary to help you negotiate the best deals or even re-negotiate existing contracts that have not stood the test of time.

We use our own commercial negotiation best-practice model as a starting point:

Contract Negotiation best practise model -

Process – at the heart of negotiation lies a process which begins with preparation, moves through the four steps of negotiation and ends with implementation.

Elements – these are all the different things that need to be taken into account when playing the negotiation game. They are strategic in nature and need to be considered carefully.

Tactics and ploys – these are the things that get played out in the heat of the commercial negotiation event itself, when there is little time to think and plenty of time to make mistakes. The line between legitimate tactics and unethical tricks is not fixed; it depends on the circumstances: what you are negotiating and with whom you are negotiating.