AIRINC – Training in Negotiating with Procurement Professionals


AIRINC has been the leading authority on international mobility data since 1954, providing organizations with both data services and insight advice to support their workforce globalization strategies. Their proprietary data focuses on the implications of cross-border transfers, including cost of living differences, housing costs, hardship allowances, per diems, hypothetical tax, and much more. AIRINC’s clients are multinational corporations and some governmental organisations.

The Challenge

AIRINC are suppliers of high quality data, and offer higher quality service compared to their competitors. However, they were increasingly coming under pressure from customers, to reduce their prices and were looking for ways to better communicate their value.

Change pressures

Increasingly customers were involving procurement professionals who were keen to open up the market to lower-priced competitors and seemed to concentrate solely on price during commercial negotiations.

How Counterpoint helped

Counterpoint worked with AIRINC to design and deliver training to give AIRINC staff insights into how procurement departments work, how AIRINC could demonstrate the true value of their services and improve their response to requests for price reductions

What were the results?

By the end of the training the staff had:

  • Understood how procurement departments work
  • Understood procurement strategies processes
  • Brainstormed what differentiated them from their competitors
  • Clearly articulated their market position versus the competition
  • Practised and improved their negotiating skills
  • Improved their bid writing skills
  • Understood potential cultural barriers
  • Built confidence to resist price pressure and even to increase their prices


“The course was really focussed on AIRINC’s issues, and by the end of the training we had a much better understanding how to articulate our value in the context of procurement discussions. So much so, in fact, that we were able to increase rather than decrease our prices on the very next contract we negotiated. The team’s confidence in negotiations has grown significantly”

Kay Hall

Vice President EMEA, AIRINC