Building Excellence in Procurement & Negotiation

“We help organisations turn suppliers into their best assets”

By building excellence in procurement and negotiation we can show you know how to select the right suppliers, get the best deal and write effective contracts. We can help you manage these contracts and manage your relationships with suppliers. Well managed contracts executed with well managed suppliers can transform the performance of an organisation from one where suppliers are regarded as a necessary evil to one where they are its best assets and a vital part of its success.

Counterpoint is a specialist consultancy and training business focused on building excellence in procurement and commercial negotiation. We have many years’ of experience in the private and public sector, and our clients include buyers, sellers and senior managers.

By working with you to transform the way you buy things, we will help you make significant cost savings and bring about a step change in the way you manage suppliers, unlocking their potential to add real value to your business.

By working with you to improve the way you negotiate, we will enable you to close better deals, where value is not left on the table, loose ends are tidied up and risk to your business is reduced.

If you’re buying, suppliers need to be your assets not your headaches. We will show you how you can save time and money and have suppliers that will go the extra mile for you.

If you’re supplying, a good buyer should be your best ally. We will show you how to work with buyers to make sure time and money are not wasted on misaligned expectations.

If you’re negotiating, you need to find a solution that generates value for both parties. We will show you how to do this and how to avoid leaving value on the table.

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What our clients have to say about us

The negotiation course was focused and highly interactive. It gave our salespeople a good insight into the mind of the buyer and a clear understanding of the professional procurement process. The opportunity to refine their negotiation skills by playing out a negotiation scenario was invaluable.


Steve is an interesting and entertaining presenter. I learned a lot about purchasing from his workshop and can now go out and buy things better.

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We can help you in different ways:

Counterpoint Courses

Counterpoint work as a team bringing a wealth of experience to procurement and negotiation training. We write the courses ourselves and deliver them in an interesting and engaging manner, leading to very effective learning. You can choose from a wide range of courses on offer, or ask us to tailor courses to meet your requirements and provide something specifically for you. We prefer to come to you to deliver the training, but can use a variety of other venues to suit.

Counterpoint Consultancy

Counterpoint provides highly-targeted consultancy in the areas of procurement and negotiation. Our unique combination of hard and soft skills enables us to quickly understand the facts and issues and provide you with solutions that will work most effectively within your organisation. We draw up specific terms of reference for each assignment – carefully defining the deliverables and measuring success via mutually agreed KPIs.

Counterpoint Coaching

Counterpoint can also coach your staff, on an individual basis or in small groups. Coaching is a very rewarding experience and a great opportunity to release the potential of both the person being coached and of the organisation as whole. For example, we could prepare your staff for specific events – an important presentation or a significant negotiation Again we draw up specific terms of reference for each assignment – this time carefully defining the performance improvements to be achieved and how these will be measured.